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Cycle City


"This is probably Zubop's best yet. Their unclassifiable music continues to grow like some luxuriant exotic plant. Zubop's seven musical magpies pluck sounds and rhythms from anywhere in the world, shake them up vigorously and produce irresistible results - optimistic, unpretentious and hugely accomplished."
Dave Gelly, The Observer.

"Fourth album for effervescent, London-based jazz/world beat seven piece...
Scintillating live, this is the best studio offering thus far by a unique band."
Chris Ingham, MOJO May 2001.

"More exuberant, melodic, rhythmically charged music from Zubop, the London-based septet who specialise in throwing strict genre categories out of the window. The band ... allows the spirit to go where the groove takes it. ...generates energised, multicultural overlaps and head-on collisions An hour's worth of great fun, fine playing, and some heart-in-the-right-place philosophising."
Kenny Mathieson, The List 15 Feb-1Mar 2001 ****

"Zubop have expanded their musical palette to take in a vast array of global influences on offer on their fourth album, Tekezze....
"Captain Scarlet's Blues" is South African-styled jive excursion which marries the stinging rock guitar of new member John Blackwell to the blazing horns of Embliss, Petter and Ricky Edwards. Tasty!"
Nigel Williamson, Songlines Spring/Summer 2001

...bounces round all four corners of the globe - sonic pinball.***
Tim Perry, The Independent 27 January 2001

"The seven-piece Zubop don't like to be categorised - the defining band credo appears to be an unashamed polystylism... sheer exuberance and enjoyment of the playing. Great fun and doubtless a big draw on the live circuit."
Peter Quinn, Jazzwise April 2001

"This album is, like the classic Steppenwolf song, a Magic Carpet Ride, so get your ticket and hang on tight!"
David May. Revolutions UK - www.revolutionsuk.com

The Shetland Times, March 23, 2001.
"Zubop keep the crowd on the hop at Voe
It's not often that you hear a Londoner describing a night out in Brae and Voe as the best they've had in years. But when Zubop cancelled their gig in Gulberwick on Friday due to poor ticket sales they were promptly snapped up to play in a squad for Brae Up-Helly-A'.
A circuit of halls, dizzying array of costumes and the customary profusion of alcohol and dancing hit just the right spot. Bass player Duncan Noble described it as the best night out he'd had in the last four years...."
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