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Cycle City

Tekezze, background

The Webb of Love (Petter) 4.56
Eastern European swamp twist music - a song of joy, dedicated to Chris and Sam, for whose wedding it was written. An unashamed homage to dancing with a loved one, and an invitation to everybody to dance together - and to sing, shout, vocalise - any voice or accent can be hip . . .

Magic of Life (Edwards) 7.21
Magic all around - yet we humans too often ignore it and choose to oppress each other. Marvel at the miracle we all are. Explore the senses. Feel the fun and magic of life. So beautiful, wonderful, free. Free of charge.

Petit Kandé (Embliss) 7.16
Inspired by some months Will spent in this outlying village of Ziguinchor, Casamance, Senegal, playing with many wonderful musicians. Parts of the rhythm come from ballant balofon rhythms learned from Keba Mané, balofonist extraordinaire.

Sublimi-naal (Clouts) 8.15
A very urban piece: a cityscape with moodswings - underpinned by the naal, a two-headed South Indian folk drum. Contemporary beats, funk and jazz, systems, anti-systems sentiments, bass clarinet, electric guitar and more.

Tales of Tekezze (Petter) 5.53
In 1962 Haile Selassie annexed Eritrea, leading to more than three decades of war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. In 1993 peace was made, and the state of Eritrea was formally recognised. In 1999, following border disputes, full scale war broke out again. Development money was once more diverted into the war effort; the border closures were disastrous for traders and migrant workers. As always, those with the least were the worst affected. Jon spent the best part of a year in Tigray, Ethiopia, in 1986. He wrote this song about an incident that occurred while he was there, mixed with his thoughts on recent events in the region.

Cape Town 8001 (Clouts) 5.25
The postal code of Philip's birthplace in Cape Town.

Viva (Edwards) 6.12
Ricky says,"Everything fits. All music fits together in the Universe. Allow your ears to relax and accept it. A wayward classical piano intro, Spanish/soca-like melodies, reggae and latin flourishes and a quick blast of exciting spy stuff all vie for equal attention. A round-the-corner South London excursion into your record collection."

Percy Bites (Petter) 7.59
Warning on the cage of a parrot, living on Bodmin Moor. For the enjoyment of Percy and others, this is a tropical/British combination of reggae, folk and dance music.

Captain Scarlet's Blues (Edwards) 6.24
Captain Scarlet learns a blues guitar riff and embarks on a tongue in cheek journey, flaunting it whenever the opportunity arises. This piece was inspired by Ricky's memories of childhood excitement about the fantasy of Captain Scarlet, the TV series and its theme tune. The 60s are often cited by right wing people as the start of a rot in our social fabric. We disagree totally. This decade of beginnings saw a grey world turn to colour, the joyful spread of soul music, the arrival from South Africa of the Blue Notes (so inspirational for the music scene in Britain) and the opening up of countless new frontiers of sound and expression. Yeah, man, there were some half-baked sentiments and lots of stuff that was pretty tacky . . .

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