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Photo: Mark Picthall

If you like your music lively, varied, totally danceable but definitely not driven by machine beats (at least not yet..) and yet perfect for sitting back and listening to what's going down, then you would be at home at a Zubop gig.
For more than a decade we have been determinedly purveying our own take on music, with not a hard-nosed business decision in sight.
Openess to the sounds and influences of London life and far beyond, a slow gestation period of group rehearsal, a confidence to let the music move where it will in gig situations all go to create what has become the Zubop sound. Some pieces are 'single-state', others complete journeys in themselves. All go to make up an evening which, we promise you, is peculiarly and uniquely 'Zubop'.
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"Heartfelt, joyous jazz-drizzled music that really knows no boundaries."
David Lands, Jazz Journal

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