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ZG feat Molara
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Cycle City

Hiptodisiac, background

1. Gamelanaskankabopolus (Edwards) 5.15.
The East and West Indies get together for a chat, hanging out with Brasil and New Orleans - a bluesy piano passes through.

2. Aardvark (Clouts) 7.12.
Zubop's revenge for always being just after Zorn in the record shop racks. A robustly funky number with solo contributions from Will, Sean, Phil and Ricky. Sonic atmosphere enhanced by Rhodes piano and Electro Harmonix 'Bassballs'.

3. George Formby (Edwards) 5.26.
Blackpool on The Cape. After all, the banjo came from Africa. Popguns agogo!

4. We come from the universe like the dolphins and frogs (Edwards) 5.23.
Very much an ensemble piece, with electric guitar atmospheres courtesy of guest John Blackwell.

5. Song of Snape (Petter) 3.10.
A tribute to the world of Klezmer music, composed on the Suffolk coast. Clap along now..

6. Letter to Vololonirina (Edwards) 5.35.
A piano feature for Philip, with a bittersweet mood, led by Ricky on flute.

7. M'aidez Juldeh (Randle) 5.47.
Sean's first piece for Zubop: a reggae-inspired groove with occasional hints of Maghreb. Juldeh helps out on riti.

8. Fervour Fever (Noble) 6.55.
Excitements from different places, collected together: freedom, both collective and individual, a propulsive bass riff, horn parts that emerged from memories of Sly, Fela and others, and soloing from Ricky and Jon on saxophones.

9. Canigou (Embliss) 6.41.
Will¹s piece evokes some of the many moods of the Pyrenean mountain beloved of the Catalan people - featuring Jon on clarinet.

10. Nhema Musasa Gathering branches for a temporary shelter (Traditional/Camara) - arranged by Zubop and Juldeh Camara - 10.49.
Zubop's only cover (of a Zimbabwean mbira tune), previously performed live, occasionally, as an instrumental. Here we have a spontaneous late night version, with West African elements, courtesy of Juldeh Camara's vocal melody, and counter-melodies on the riti (or nanyeru), the West African one-string violin.

11. Cantina Panorama (Clouts) 5.16.
Good coffee - in a café with a view. Gary Hammond's percussion comes out of the kitchen to galvanise the floorshow.

Total Duration: 67.53.

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