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Hiptodisiac reviews

"The sound is impressive: the horns full and mighty, the percussion crisp and ever present in its glorious profusion. The tunes celebrate the band's refreshingly wide range of influences - an ongoing, rampantly wanton and promiscuous love affair with African, Latin, Brazilian, Caribbean and now Klezmer music. Their infectious melodies and fonky fonky riffs are propelled by dynamic ensemble arrangements, wikkid and wild soloing and a rhythm section so solid at the back that Tony Adams would be pleased to see them in the team at Wembley . . . a dexterous and accomplished band."
Max Reinhardt, Straight No Chaser.

"Experts in world music could probably explain where all the beats and phrases and exotic sounds of Zubop's music come from, but this six-piece band's audiences are usually having too much fun to notice . . . sheer energy and good feeling." Dave Gelly, The Observer.

"Definitely among our best and brightest jazz-fusion improvising groups." Ronald Atkins, The Guardian.

"Strong idiosyncratic writing, somewhere between Django Bates and Dudu Pukwana, and a vigorous group sound." Richard Cook and Brian Morton, The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD, 4th Edition, 1998.

"Warmth and excitement . . . the kind of mix of jazz feel and African sources that the late pianist Chris McGregor used to conjure up. He'd have loved this." Pete Martin, Jazz UK.

"Heartfelt, joyous jazz-drizzled music that really knows no boundaries." David Lands, Jazz Journal International.

"Another slab of enjoyable, generically unclassifiable music from this London-based sextet (with several more musicians chipping in on the album). To describe it as eclectic hardly does justice to the collision of jazz-rooted improvisation with exuberant, feet-moving ethnic and world music rhythms which the band has made its aural trademark. Hiptodisiac carries on the momentum generated in its predecessor freewheeling, but without simply re-treading the same ground. Zubop emphasise ensemble effects over individual virtuosity, and the results are both fresh and fun, but with some serious playing going down along the way." Kenny Mathieson, The List (Edinburgh listings mag), 23 Jan-5 Feb 1998.

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