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The band has completed seven tours in Germany and Switzerland, and preformed (for both dancers and listeners) in most parts of Britain from Orkney to Cornwall, West Wales to Norfolk and, most recently, Shetland. The frequency with which they receive return bookings testifies to their ability to delight audiences in all sorts of venues, including...

WOMAD, Reading. Glastonbury Festival. Bodensee Festival, Germany. Berlin Worldbeat Festival. Bracknell Festival. St. Magnus Festival, Orkney. Bradford Festival. Stockton Riverside Festival, Tees-side. Leicester Jazz Festival. Brae Up Helly-A', Shetland.

Arts Centres
Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal. Norwich Arts Centre. Hackney Empire, Royal Festival Hall Foyer, The Barbican Foyer, London. Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham. Lyth Arts Centre, Caithness. Phoenix, Exeter. Falmouth Arts Centre. Wyeside Arts Centre. Havant Arts Centre. G.E.M.S., Singen, Germany. K9, Konstanz, Germany.

Dance Clubs
Subterania, London. Kulturladen, Konstanz, Germany. Juju Club, Sheffield. Talking Heads, Southampton. Vorderhaus Fabrik, Freiburg, Germany. Mambo Inn, Brixton.

Jazz Clubs
The Spitz, London. Vortex, London. Blue Note, Hemel Hempstead. Sinkkasten and Jazzkeller, Frankfurt, Germany. Smollensky's, London.

University of Essex. University of East Anglia. Goldsmith's College. University of Keele. Camberwell School of Art. Farnham Art College. University of London Union. The Architectural Association. University of Darmstadt, Germany. Trinity College and Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

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